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10 days ago

Squash Competition draw update and Times for next week is available in the Documents section Of the Booking system.

16 days ago

Squash Championship draw is available to download from the documents section. Some courts on 12 & 18th April have been released for use as not all required for comp. Come down and watch every night there should be some good matches !

16 days ago

Squash Championship: 33 entries the draw and times for matches will be posted/emailed later on Friday.

18 days ago

Squash championship: decent entry so far. A few more would be welcome. Entries so far Martin Gilliard, Richard Farndale, Lee Gallagher, Jordan Fitzsimons, Robin Bate, Ed Carlisle, Sandi Patel, Geoffrey Ashby, Dave Murtagh, Karen Giles, Craig Harding, Stephen Finkel, Kev Watson, Jon Priestnall, Luke Elcock, Garry Hope, Bill Firth, Neil Ripley, Patrick Wragg, Michael Lockhart, Ken Corless, Stuart Wingrove, James Gillman, Howard Stevenson, Paul Dobson, Andy Ferguson, Andy Kelly, Mark Burnley, Martin Humphrey, Rob Leathley